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  • heaven and hell

    29 januari 2005

    hey i have so much to write, oh man, but it’s 4AM… well,

    ok, i have been here a couple of days now. stayed the first nights in stacies bands practice space just south east of downtown LA. it was great because it had no windows which made me lose the concept of time completely. one morning i woke up 5am and another i woke up 1pm. amazing. you should try it sometimes! a room without windows: therapy. and good for a jet lag too! we went out eating and drinking at different restaurants and bars around town and it’s been great. met a lot of super nice people! but i still haven’t cought up in their speed of talking yet but i am getting there!

    the car
    ok, i thought i understood when my sister told me: ”the only thing you use to move around is the car. if you are walking or using a bicycle you are either 1, too poor to have a car or 2, you have lost your drivers license.” oh hell she was so true. i think i have spent more time in cars than anywhere else since i got here. my friends have never taken the bus or train here, i was the first to! when i took the metro train from the airport to downtown. not too many white people on that train. this is a crazy world and man, i could never imagine it was so crazy! but hey, even though i might disagree with most of this culture, it is god damn interesting! i spent one hour in the nearby supermarket today just hanging out with the groceries and the burritos are amazing and yeah i am living it LA style totally!

    right now i am staying at one of stacies friends molly’s house. it’s in irvine, orange county which is south east of LA. according to molly this area has the least amount of crime in the whole of the country, or was it the state, i can’t remember, but it’s pure suburban heaven. peter strom would die on it a couple of years ago. you can’t really walk anywhere because everything is too far away, so you have to take the car. but i managed to convince molly to walk to the supermarket today which was great because it was just on the other side of the road. the whole area has a policy where it has to look mediterrian or somethign so they are forcing people to plant olive trees etc. oh yeah, all of the land is own by one company who owns everything which means they are in control. it’s kind of a light version of disneys’ celebration. last year, according to molly , all supermarkets had to redesign their interiors and exteriors so that they looked nicer and had the ”right” color theme. if you feel like going to a bar, just forget it, unless you want to drive for an hour or so to central LA.

    oh man i am turning this in to a creepy place.. but i love the stay here. it is so amazing. i thought russia, or maybe china would change my perspective of things blabla, but dude, LA is crushing all i’ve seen in my life so far!!! oh man! anyway, it’s very nice and clean here in irvine, unlike downtown which is all thrash – so thrashy hultsfred after a week of festival looks clean as a watch.

    this has all been kind of loose and jibberishy but i’ll try to write more constructive etc later. good night!

    2 kommentarer

    1. hey! how do u know i am not an s&mmale???

      /stacie 2005-01-29, 22:37

    2. well i don’t but i just told my sister that so she wouldn’t worry too much.

      /oskar 2005-01-30, 01:50

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