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  • killing time

    1 februari 2005

    today i me and my borrowed bike rode up to the hills. first it was hard to find an entrance to the hill area because all was privat roads and property but eventually i made it into the nature! it didn’t smell like nature though because the road i found was heading for a landfill, only used by huge garbage trucks, and me. the uphill road took me up close to a splendid hill where i decided to hide my bike in the bushes and continue by foot. everywhere on these hills they have constructed weird concrete minicanals where the water should go when it’s raining. don’t even think about letting the nature decide where the water should go! damn, this country is so crazy!

    when i reached to the top of the hill, i took out my map of my part of orange county and turned it so it fitted perfectly with north. imagine sim city 3000. that’s how i felt except i couldn’t do all the changes i wanted. but it was ok because i could see the ocean and the islands far out in the ocean. it struck my mind that it was the first time i’ve seen the ocean since i landed in LA. i remember i never believed what someone told me a long time ago that some people from the ghetto parts of LA have never seen the ocean, but now i sure believe in it. you never se it, unless you’re there or you are on the top of a hill.

    which i now was! no animals except for a couple of birds. the hill was green though! very rare according to my friends. usually it’s all orange/gray/dry, but thanks to the rain the days before i came it is now green.

    ok i forgot my camera so instead imagine the opening scene of donnie darko, that’s kind of how it was up there and the cycle ride downhill didn’t make it less like it. darn the road was long and steep and hey ho, suddenly i was far down in northwood in an organic farm. 50cent for a fresh peach, and then cycle home.

    later tonight me and molly went to the beach, but first we had delicious tofu mexican food at some hipster place in laguna beach. first time i’ve seen hipsters since i got to LA and it felt good. i kind of missed them. the beach was amazing. i think it was the first time for me with that enormous waves. wow.

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