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  • wroom weekend!

    8 februari 2005

    hi, the weekend started already on thursday with the m.i.a. show! after the show people were so drunk that on our way home the car had to be stopped every kilometer or so – this because some had to spray dinner on lawns and behind cars etc. i wasn’t drunk at all so for me it was more of a good way of getting to know new people.

    friday was the sporty day. around noon or so when the ex drunken people had come alive again, me, raphael, kaye and daisy drove up to beverly hills and played tennis! europe (me and raphael, who is from holland) vs. asia/usa (kaye – japan, daisy – korea). europe won but it was an even match. alot of djuce. after the 3 hour session we managed to squeeze out of the building without paying which felt really… good.

    friday night, well me and kaye cooked dinner. well she did most of the cooking but i was her assistant: i wrote the shopping list, carried her groceries, did a sauce, well you name it, and i did it. dinner was a remix of the dish ”tofu with lemon grass” from the tay do cafe in london. i tried to remember what it was like and it turned out pretty good actually. we also served miso soup and sashimi. it was an incredible feast. 9 people at the table so afterwards the lovely dinner was converted into a good house party.

    saturday. went up to griffith park and hiked to the top of the hill. god damn it was beautiful. too bad the i ran out of film in the camera on my way up, but i took some photos with molly’s digicam that i can put up here soon. evening was pizza night infront of tv for me and molly because we didn’t want to join the others to medieval times, which is kind of a restaurant where you watch live jousting and eat bbqed animals with your hands! molly is vegan and yeah, i am vegetarian.

    sunday was culture day. went to the la county modern museum and saw three exhibitions, 1, old japanese art, 2, the arts and craft movement (a lot from sweden!), 3, modern. i liked it all! then we downgraded the culture level a bit and went to see the new clint eastwood movie called million dollar baby. it was all right. my first boxing movie so it was interesting. after film, me, kaye and raphael drove to a diner to have som coffee and cherry pie. i ended up with a delicious blueberry pie. damn good pie and coffee. and damn it was nice to just sit there and hang out. it was so nice that we had to leave because they closed at one in the morning. well well.

    now i am back in orange county after that kaye took me to union station where i took the train to irvine and walked for an hour or so.

    also! my computer just arrived!! still waiting for an airport card to arrive so i can go online with it.

    a new word in my vocabulary:
    dope. as in”that is so dope”. means good/ghetto

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