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  • valentines day

    15 februari 2005

    haha, it was valentines day today which i had completely forgot. but i sure was reminded of it when me and molly went for dinner at wheel of life (a vegan restaurant here in irvine). when we arrived all the guests were couples, and so were we, in their eyes. the owner came up to me and said happy valentines day etc, gosh it was strange, but kind of fun.

    our conversation over dinner must been a bit weird if someone overheard us because it was not about love at all. the whole dinner was just a big discussion about politics and molly’s step father, who is republican. i told molly i am very eager to meet him because i have 1, never met an old american, 2, never met a republican, so maybe one day i can meet him!

    the food was great. (thanks molly’s mom! her valentines gift for molly)

    because of all politics we decided to watch the corporation when we got home. we managed to watch 2/3rds of the film until molly fell asleep which i would say is a quite good review. some films we have watched molly’s been asleep after just 10 minutes or so.

    instead of finish watching it myself i quit the app and let molly sleep (she’s lying next to me here in bed while i am typing this). i think molly loves this bed. actually i think she sleeps more in this bed than in hers because everytime i am here in ”my” room and she comes in, it will take maximum ten minutes until she’s sleeping in my bed.

    well anyway, i need to do stuff. can’t just sit around here (or in LA) and do nothing but hanging out (which is amazing though), i need to do something. but i don’t know what. dammit.

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