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  • tuesday

    16 februari 2005

    now it’s almost 2pm wednesday. i actually just woke up. sat up a little too long last night working. started with on one of my freelance projects now (limited language), so that is stealing a alot of my time. but i did take a walk yesterday, and watched a documentary.

    i can tell you about the walk. i live here. started off heading south east on irvine blvd. grabbed an orange from a tree and continued north through the block i live in. i discovered that the cherry trees are in blossom now and that we have two pools here, one warm, and one ”normal”. then i went home again.

    during the walk i noticed that the majority of the ground in this block consists of small artificial ponds and waterfalls, and i realised that i hate those things. i tried to figure out why bother and care if something is man made or made by nature, but i think i like it when man made things are something new, for example a table or a computer, but i don’t like it when you play sim city god and alter the nature. accept what’s there and let the nature do that it self. i think it’s scary how little of our planet that haven’t sometime been altered by the man.

    the documentary was the yes men which was both funny and interesting. (thanks molly for that!) it was about those dudes who had a website that looked the same as the wto organization and instead or wto.com they had wto.org so sometimes people contact them and think they have contacted the real wto, and then invite them to speek at conferences etc. the fake wto happily accepts the invitations and go there and create a big mess!

    now: breakfast/lunch/afternoon snack in one: cereal with soy milk.

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    1. The future is normal.

      /Ruben Broman 2005-02-17, 18:30

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