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  • good bye OC, hello EP!

    22 februari 2005

    i have had a splendid time here in OC but all splendiness must come to an end some time – today is the last day for me here in orange county. the weather knows i am leaving – it’s raining. it’s been sad for a while now, causing deadly land slides, floodings and the lastest ”tornado watch!” i don’t know what it means but i think it means OC don’t want med to leave.

    but i have to.

    next stop in my life will be the by all loved neighbourhood echo park just north west of downtown LA. i will be staying at kayes house for some days before i head north to SF.

    blablalabalbal, and the weekend was great. amazing pingpong party at spencers house on saturday. i kicked ass and spencer got so mad i kicked everyones’ ass when he was supposed to do that so he began asking for fight, but instead of hitting him, i disarmed him from what caused his jealousness – the wine. yes the wine had to go on the floor. it was the only way. any way, me and sam played 12 games to 21. i won 6 (7 if you count the game sam changed ”style”), he won 5. it was amazing. the rain was pouring down and we were so wet.

    ok bye

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    1. viva ep!!

      /stacie 2005-02-24, 01:07

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