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  • LA – crazy town

    25 februari 2005

    one thing that i always seem to be coming back to is how crazy it is here in LA compared to other places, and here’s another example: right now i am siting in the library in downtown using their wireless broadband, and next to me is a girl probably in my age, reading and talking out things loud. she is so random and crazy that i can’t stop laughing! and even though another dude told her to shut up (”hey!”) she just can’t stop talking out loud. most of her talking is in spanish which i don’t understand but i have recorded most of it so i hope someone can translate later on.


    anyway, this is my new office – the library. since i had to move out of molly’s house i am now situated in echo park in kayes house, but she doesn’t have internet. actually, she don’t even have a landline phone. so during the days i spend my time here, so i can work.

    had lunch with kaye and stacie today. stacie is in love with her sidekick, the sidekick 2, a crazy cell phone/video game/etc, and this is how i look like from the sidekicks perspective:


    this morning i managed to convince kaye to take the bus with me instead of her car, we did, and it was great! took the dash from her house down to pico where we got off and walked (on a bridge) over the freeway into downtown. so fast and only 25 cent! thats cheap public transport.

    actually i don’t know if the public transport is that bad here in LA, it’s just that no white people ride it. it’s more a cultural thing. of course taking the car would be faster in the most times (thanks to crazy highways everywhere) but anyway, during a ride on public transport you don’t have be concentrated keeping your car on the road, you just sit back and enjoy the ride together with a book/paper or/and a walkman. it’s great! so what this city needs is a good ad campaign for the public transport because that’s what people believe in here. advertising! well people everywhere actually.

    yesterday was a good day. started off the day cycling down to spencer in glassel park. he wasn’t there so i watched some video from the cross-country skiing world championship in obersdorf on svt.se. eventually spencer came and it was time for some ping pong in greater conditions than last time. and god i got really scared when spencer kicked my ass the first game. i thought, darn, i was better drunk in rain, but then i won the next game and most of the following ones. phew! but it was a darn good match!

    after 13 sets and another set with his flatmate, spencer suggested that we should switch to art instead of sport and go to moca, so we did. right now they have this exhibition called visual music. it was awesome. i was expecting boring aftereffect jerkoffs from late ninetees but instead they were showing moving image from the twenties and it was so good!! it put ants in my head, as we say in sweden?

    then stacie and kaye came for the lecture by the lady from the throbbing gristle. a very interesting talk. for some reason i felt like started drawing again during her talk. so i think i will start drawing now. i am going to do another compulsive project, when at a specific time of the day i have to draw something infront of me. and then eventually i will end up with 365 12pm or so drawings. what i find most interesting in the whole is to see if you can see i am getting better or not. well, i have to get a sketchpad and a good pencil first.

    then after the talk we met up with sam and chy at a japanese drinking restaurant in little tokyo. goddamn if almost felt as if we were in tokyo there for a while, well yeah, until the plate of french fries entered the table. sapporo beer (inhereted from my sister), and sake.

    ohhh the time was running fast so we jumped into the cars and stepped on it to spaceland where jens lekman was going to play live. we arrived just ten minutes before he was on. the show was great. as usual. met charlie and some other people there and we ended up deciding to go snowboarding on saturday! woohoooo i am so excited!!!! we are going to mount baldy!

    ok time to do some work. ciao.

    1 kommentar

    1. you know it’s fun to hear about my hometown thru tourist eyes.

      /illya 2005-08-08, 21:11

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