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  • snowboard, karaoke and tacos!

    1 mars 2005

    oh man, i was so excited. snowboarding in the u s of a! and it was so close too!

    06.30 saturday morning todd came and picked up me and kaye. spencer and his eight year old newphew showed up too in another car, and one hour drive later we realised we were not the only ones who had decided to go snowboarding. after an hour or so in two lines, one for the ticket and one for snowboard rent, i finally made it into the slopes. i joined charlie, sherly and two of their friends of theirs. unfourtunately they were not as excited as i were so they decided to head back to the lodge after only two runs. i joined them for some beers in the sunshine, clouds, sunshine, clouds. yeah the weather was shifting crazy, even though there was no wind. weird. after the beers, charlie & co decided to go home so i had to find the others, and did eventually, after a twelve dollar lunch consisting of a veggie burger, nachos, tea and water.

    you could say the snow wasn’t the best in town, old snow and very heavy because of the warm temperature, but i didn’t complain, it was snowboarding one hour from LA!

    around five we returned our boards and took the lift (the lifts were crazy old chair lifs, oh man!) down to the car and drove straight to molly’s goodbye dinner in LA. i brought two bags of snow for molly so we could have a snowball fight on the streets in the middle of LA. after dinner we headed over to a korean bar/restaurant in korea town, an area that actually looks like a normal city. some glasses of soju later we left to go karaoking in a karaoke box place nearby. oh man it was good fun.

    molly put up some photos and video on her blog page.

    sunday was the big moving day for stacie and kaye. they were moving in to a new house in echo park, not far away from kayes old house. the new house is part of four houses on the same spot. in one of the houses elliot smith used to live, until he stabbed him self. so kaye and stacie are worried that elliot will hunt them in their sleeps, we’ll see.

    around seven or so people came over for the ”sam makes tacos for everyone because he jus had his birthday”-night. and my gosh, those tacos were amazing. probably the best ones i ever had. he did both beef and tofu tacos and my god they were soo good!! yes, my god! during that night i started to count how many times people said ”oh my god” but i lost track just after i started, it was too many.

    oh, and some days ago we went to house of pies again. this time the pies weren’t that good, but the conversation was still on top! yeah, for some reason we end up in amazing conversations at house of pies. this time the subject were animals and nature. we were discussing how nature has changed so much since the humans began ruin it, and some argued that since we are part of the nature we should accept what’s happening because that is the natures call. i can’t accept that humans are part of the whole nature. no one were supposed to be able to think and construct the way we do and we should stop. here and now! the whole discussion started kind of when i talked about how the swedish bears and wolfs have radio transmitters on them so they can be protected and studied by the humans. i have only thought about that in a positive way, so that they for example easily can track a illegal hunter, or to see how they are doing in a world full of stuff made by humans. molly argued that it was scary and that we were controlling nature and she didn’t like it. it was interesting, because i have never thought about it that way. for me, things like that has always been ok for me as long as it is for a good cause.

    kaye (and molly?) also told me she’ve seen bear in real life up in the forests here in california. i was so amazed. oh my.

    anyway, another thing i have written in my note pad to remind me to write about here are that morrissey, who lives in LA, have so many mexican (or people from mexico) fans! and some of them are real gangsters! i think that is so fucking cool!

    one thing that are soo crazy about hanging out with my friends here in LA is that everyone has a digital camera and no one is shy of using it so when we are out all of us it feels like being on a rave or the red carpet – so many flashes, all the time! i try to establish some kind of time outs or restrictions but it won’t happen.

    1 kommentar

    1. molly’s live bear seeing= 0 points unfortunately.
      meerkats, however, are another story!

      /molly 2005-03-01, 01:53

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