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  • downtown thoughts and sights

    2 mars 2005

    LA is weird. i have said it before and i’ll say it again, and again. one thing that struck my mind today was the question, ’why do LA have a downtown with skyscrapers?’ i mean, there are no lack of space really, so why build skyscrapers when you can build a huge one story mall much cheaper? i guess it has to do with status, because i couldn’t see a single tall building that wasn’t a bank or investment firm etc. show off!

    also for you who didn’t know – well actually, this is just how i think it is – the word downtown is a bitt odd. people use it for tall rised building areas / central parts of cities, but why? because in one perticular city called new york, there is a real down town. the southern part of manhattan is called downtown because it’s on the bottom of the map, and since it has transformed in tho the financial center of nyc the word has spread to other cities.

    bonus info: in sweden we call the central parts of stockholm ’city’, and the central parts of other towns and cities ’centrum’.

    another thing i have noticed is all, what seems to be, abandoned theaters and other public spaces here in downtown. old massive signs everywhere but nothing is actually running anymore. except for the film industry. on a lot of the buildings there are signs letting everyone know that the space is amazing and available as locations for film production. so nowadays we experience theatres, ballrooms and similar places through the cinema instead of in real life. cyberspace 1.0

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