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  • dictaphone revival

    7 mars 2005

    yesterday after a great burrito breakfast at casa diaz with me, kaye and spencer, we hung out at rite aid for 30 minutes or so. i was so hyperactive! it felt like the 90s when i didn’t drink alcohol but still was so full of weirdness, and i loved it.

    at rite aid i bought mini tapes for my dictaphone. they only had 6 pack so, yeah, i had to buy a six pack. i also bought a present to my fellow mates in 53D/london. the tapes will be used to record my movements instead of writing it down in my notebook which is really hard sometimes when i’m in a car and it’s very dark – i can’t see what i write. but now with the dictaphone i just click rec and say ”right on sunset” then pause, and then later ”left on vermont” etc. and by using the dictaphone instead of writing adds another dimension to it all because it becomes like a compact audio diary.

    example: when me and andrew were driving home from a house party last night and i was recording to say ”left on washington” or something, we accidently bumped into the ground with the car which made us scream, and all that is there on tape: ”left on washington, [craash!] ouch! man! aww!”

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