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  • smog

    8 mars 2005

    imagine having a photograph in photoshop. create a new layer and fill it with white, change the opacity of that layer to maybe 70% or something and then you’ll understand how it is here today. so much smog! i hate cars.

    just after i got up this morning i noticed that i had company. one of the windows in the kitchen was open so i ended up eating breakfast – with a cat! and while i was hanging out with the cat the door knocked and it was the gas dude. i pretended i lived there to avoid long explanations. when he left i had lost track of the cat. i had no idea where ”it” was. i hoped it had left the flat but wasn’t sure so i kept the kitchen window open incase.

    one thing i noted in my notebook yesterday to remember to write here about was how this place is all into artificial things, like shopping malls that looks like real streets (and has a fake town hall and a tramway) and the amount of people who goes to a gym instead of include exercise in daily living, instead of taking the car everywhere. it’s crazy but maybe it’s the future of our living. i am scared.

    right now i am using wall street journals special newspaper called money & investing as a mouse mat and it feels good.

    oh, and also, yesterday i hung out with siri and then later johan too. we had some beers at a bar (forgot the name) on sunset and it was a pretty good night!

    4 kommentarer

    1. dude, stop lettting the cat in the house!

      /stacie 2005-03-09, 21:45

    2. dude, and yeah, wtf?!! it was all steppin’ around in the toilet and then on MY bed! there were pawprints all over!

      /kaye 2005-03-09, 21:50

    3. hahahahahaa

      /site admin 2005-03-10, 20:53

    4. dudes get a dog!

      /martin 2005-03-11, 12:33

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