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  • santa monica crazy ride

    11 mars 2005

    for some reason i have been all empty when it comes to writing here. i don’t know why, because i have been in a great mood, but ok, i’ll give you an update:

    my dictaphone is the best that happened to me since ”i don’t know”. it’s so much fun and so much easier to use that than having to write down the street names all the time. progress!

    i am not sure if i could thank the dictaphone for it, but i sure have done progress in getting ideas and thinking about ”future”.

    i have also decided to go to SF on monday next week, if the person i am going to rideshare with gets back to me again. hold your thumbs! his name is kalle and is not swedish.

    yesterday i went down to santa monica again (with the big blue bus. first time i’ve seen more white people than non-white on a bus in LA before. kors i taket!) to see some art at the old train station turned in to galleries. i got there a little too late so most of the galleries were closed. but lucky enough not the one that i was there for, the track 16 gallery. they were showing this ”documentary” about bicycle gangs of new york. it was really bad but i didn’t care because it was nice seeing nyc again. i miss that city, and i hope i’ll go there soon.

    on my way from that area down to the ocean i passed a group of mexicans beating up another mexican. it was horrible. first i thought they were all friends, like a naive swede thinks, but then when had passed them i realised it was real kicks and puches. they dragged the dude out on the street and cars had to stop and hey ho it was action. but scary as hell. maybe the first beating i’ve ever seen live since middle school.

    during my bus ride back from santa monica i ended up sitting next to a semi-crazy white dude (one of the only whites on the bus) who was so annoyed with a mexican sitting behind us. who was eating sunflower seeds – with the shell on – spitting the shells all over the place. it was so crazy and i tried to read my book which was so hard because the mumbling verbal fight between them too. the mexican ate those seeds all the way from santa monica (he was already on the bus when i got on) to vermont where i got off (1 hour ride), and he was coughing constantly too (dry seeds?).

    now i am in my ”office” again doing nothing. i’m not sure why i am here.

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