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  • i love it!

    15 april 2005

    five oh clock and i am back in brooklyn – after an intense night here, and there.

    started the day with tom, allyson, tracy and daniel with some relaxation in the park. tracy and daniel left so the rest of us went to aligator lounge but their free pizza hadn’t started yet so we went to another pizza place and got a big effing pizza. sunk it at allysons house and after an hour food coma for me (i actually fell asleep!) we took the j-train in to manhattan for some wine at beth’s work, a clothing shop. met hanna there! was so nice to see her again. and beth too!

    after that we headed back to brooklyn and went to this neo/fishcherspooner release party on n1st st which was kind of dull but it was free booze so it was ok. when they closed we took a cab in to some bar in chinatown manhattan where i had a pabst blue ribbon. when that was downed we went over to another bar on the east side – i forgot the name, but it was nice. dancing! i also met one of the american dudes i met in stockholm summer 2001! he recognized me at the bar! it was so crazy! it was him, muffy and xavier (which i thought was a man during my email correspondance but it turned out tonight that it’s a she and she’s a stripper now) who i hung out with 2001 together with marisa and kalle j. we swimmed by stadshuset in stockholm.. anyway,

    after the club me and tom found ourself caught up in a conversation about porn with two girls at a pizza place. while i was ordering, tom had learned that one of them used to be in porn so he played along and said he also used to be in there. he also told them i knew all about swedish porn and how good it was so i had to freestyle this story about sweden and nature and porn and woodchopping etc. strange but so much fun, because you could tell she was so into it!

    ok now it’s way too much so i’ll just say: burapp!!!!!

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