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  • note to self

    27 maj 2005

    during my movement recordings in new york, my dear friend tom hijacked it sometimes and here is a compilation of his ”note to self” which of course are addressing me:

    note to self: i suck
    note to self: right left right left
    note to self: go to bathroom and flush self down toilet
    note to self: get sandwich. stab self in chest with butter knife.
    note to self: shove self down filing cabinet. close door. lock the door.
    note to self: put self in washing mashine because self is shit. (by sara?)
    note to self: i am stupid. i am a monkey.
    note to self: this is oskar. i am shittier than a three legged man.
    note to self: put self in fireplace. turn fireplace on.
    note to self: i’m an idiot.
    note to self: stab self in back because self stinks. (sara again?)
    note to self: this is oskar. put pineapple in bottle. take bottle in hand. break bottle over head. eat pineapple. self is stupid.
    note to self: this song is good.
    note to self: oskar’s a fool, he can’t even keep up with his machine.
    note to self: johanna, what do you have to say?

    note to self: do something to self that’s not cool
    note to self: hide things that are more important more carefully (by abby)
    note to self: i am stupid for leaving my tape recorder around because i knew it’s going to be picked up and hahahahaha

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