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  • sick times two

    30 juni 2005

    i am sick. fever i think. suck nose. can’t move. blah blah. i hate it. but my dad helped me fixing a bike i found in the forest. thanks dad. and i am having trouble falling asleep too which sucks because i just want to sleep this shit off.

    so yeah, i took the day off from elverket.

    also yesterday i was 35 minutes late (i know of course it was totally wrong of me) to work at elverket for lunch and patric the ”boss” starts off with ”YOU FUCKING IDIOT, WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? WE ARE IN THE SHIT HERE THANKS TO YOU!!!” and then ”IF THIS EVER HAPPEN AGAIN I WILL PERSONALLY COME OVER HERE AND CUT OFF BOTH OF YOUR ACHILLES’ TENDONS!!!” (well it was in swedish but practically the same) nice guy! he really knows how to get respected… is this a sick behaviour? i think he needs some help.

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