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  • i have moved!

    3 augusti 2005

    from last thursday i finally have an own apartment in stockholm. it will not last forever because it’s a so called renovate contract which means that they are going to renovate some buildings and while they do that they are moving those people to my house temporarily and i have to leave… it could be months or maybe years. i don’t know.

    here it is.

    2 kommentarer

    1. Hello Oskar!
      It is soo annoying! Why has google choosen to have pictures from like winter or fall. It sucks! And I’ll tell you why! It is because the evil americans wants Sweden too look like a dull-grey-east-block-polluted-post-soviet-catastrophy. Well, it’s true! Compare it to the Swedish nationalist version:


      …I suppose I could have chosen to be annoyed with the fact that the swedish map is made in july when everything is green and beautifull but… well it is so obvious that it had to be commented on…

      oh yeah, bye oskar, jag drar till Danmark på fredag eller lördag. tänkte stanna en dag i Malmö på vägen så om vi inte ses nån dag så: Hej då och tack så mycket för alla trevliga kvällar på Elverket. /Jonas

      /Jonas Melon 2005-08-16, 01:52

    2. haha that is so funny jonas! i love it! and i will miss you, even though we didn’t really hang out that much. we weren’t on the same side of the bar. and it’s also corny that we write in english to eachother. hej hej

      /site admin 2005-08-28, 16:26

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