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  • Herman Karlin

    2 oktober 2005

    Last night my uncle Herman died. My uncle Herman died last night.

    The first i was thinking about was all the internet related stuff:
    Who’s going to check his email?
    What happens to dead people’s emails?
    Will anyone ever check it?
    or will it just get filled up by spam until it gets full and then it dies too?

    I also searched for his name on Google and yes he was there alright, his name different guestbooks all over the place. So weird. His comments are there but he’s not. On the internet you stay alive forever… eh.

    Anyway, Herman was a very cool man, he was kind of the ”black sheep” of my dads family. As a young man he took a job on a boat and traveled the seven seas and continued to do that for the rest of his life. I haven’t met him in a long while but we’ve had email contact for a few years….

    Well, i’ve put a song online that suits good for the mood i am in right now. it’s the Essentials song Last Night produced by Davinche (who also produces Kano). Get it here.

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