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  • The Bull Run

    22 oktober 2005

    Today i ran my first cross country running race. It didn’t last for so long, though. After just half of the course my knee started troubleing me and just a short while after I could hardly run and had to stop. I think the problem with my knee was that my muscles couldn’t handle the pressure and told me to stop. I mean I’ve been cycling a lot so I am in pretty good condition but since I haven’t been running much, the muscles used for running wasn’t really prepared for it.

    The race was cool because it wasn’t on track or even paths, sometimes you were just running in the middle of the forest which was awesome and was also the parts where i was faster than the others (just because of my background in orienteering).

    Even though I had to stop it was great fun and makes me want to run more! Well, if my knee gets better… right now I can hardly walk.

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