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  • Hi, and welcome!

    23 oktober 2005

    For a while i had a couple of sites here and there doing different things but one day when i learned to love tagging I thought it was time to merge all my stuff into one single site, the oskarlin portal! So yes, here it is, the new site. I hope you’ll like it.

    And hey, let me know if you find something strange. I have only tested it in Safari so far. Tomorrow IE PC will be tried. Fingers crossed.

    Also, try clicking on the small ”»” signs next to each tag. When clicking there some icons will appear with the tag as links to differents taggy sites such as flickr and delicious.

    2 kommentarer

    1. Freßh site!!! Skönt med Courier igen, Courier är ju ändå bäst.

      /Peter 2005-10-24, 10:41

    2. Ja, på mac kanske. Kollade sidan på PC och fan det är fortfarande pixelcourier där.. segt.

      /oskar 2005-10-24, 16:13

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