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  • McDonalds!

    30 oktober 2005

    Hello. Yesterday me and Sarah was walking around with hangovers trying to figure out what to do with our lives. First we were thinking of get out of town, maybe to a small city nearby and stay in a cheap hotel, but then we started thinking about taking a cruise to Ã…land, but we had to skip that idea because neither Ksenia or Sarah had enough earthspinns. We finally decided to downgrade our ideas to match the state we were in (hangover, tired, etc) and took some high school movies from Ksenias job and went to McDonalds where we bought so much food! None of hus had been there in years – I noticed they don’t have anything vegetarian anymore so I had to eat fish. Ordered a McFeast but changed the meat to fish.

    Anyway, we ate the food and watched the movies, and today I feel like dying from inside out.

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