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  • i love winter / i like christmas

    27 november 2005

    I don’t know but I just love the winter. I love it when you can’t see out of your car window due to frost and I love it when the cold bites your face. I love below freezing. I love snow. I love skiing. I love skating. Please weather gods, make this winter a cold one. Thank you, weather!

    Also, today is first advent. For many here in Sweden (other places too?), first advent is the day christmas season really begins. And for me too. Christmas kickstarted today with gingerbread baking together with my family – like every year. I have also put up two christmas decorations in my flat: A traditional julstjärna (”christmas star” – a lamp hanging in the window) made of hay (hanging from a telephoine wire (i had no rope…) attached to a curtain rod) and then electric christmas candles. Wonderful.

    Merry Christmas!

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