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  • iChat app status

    5 december 2005

    Based on iTunesStatus I wrote a small Applescript app today, that changes the iChat image to the icon of your active application. Since it doesn’t seem to be a standard for how applications’ icns-files are named (name.icns, theApp.icns, app.icns etc), there was no way to pick up the active icon from each app automatically, so instead I have included the icons of all the apps I have. If you want to add your own, look further down the page. If you are running an app that isn’t included with this version, a generic icon will be shown.

    Just start the app and let your friends know what you’re doing!

    Convert the icns file of your favourite app (Right-click on app. Show package contents. Go to Contents/Resources and find your icon.) to PNG. Then open iChatAppStatus.app by using the same method and put the png file in Contents/Resources/Icons. Remember to rename the icon file the the same as the app’s name.

    iChatAppStatus.0.2.zip (updated dec 13)
    iChatAppStatusText.zip – instead of changing the image, this one changes the status text instead.

    After a while it stops working. Why, I don’t know yet.

    I was thinking of joining the two apps into one.

    …to Peter Ström for helping me come up with this idea.
    …to Martin Ström for additional icons (v 0.2).

    6 kommentarer

    1. […] Du finner mer information om iChat App Status här. […]

      /MacPro.se - dagliga nyheter för professionella macanvändare 2005-12-07, 21:42

    2. Ok, next project: Display a screenshot, updated every 10 sec or so, as your Ichat icon. Oskarlin, I know you can do it!

      /Peter 2005-12-17, 15:04

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      /NeVaL 2007-02-01, 14:05

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      /travesti 2010-03-24, 12:52

    5. Thanks good job

      /travesti 2010-09-12, 12:51

    6. thanks a lot admins

      /escort bayan 2011-01-03, 13:54

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