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  • i like södergren!

    12 februari 2006

    Today I watched the 2×15 km Pursuit on TV together with my sister and my brother, and it was so exciting! I was hoping for some bigger support but my sister cheered like ten. When it was less than a kilometer left our own Swedish Anders Södergren was in the lead and for a moment there I thought he was going to win! Oh god It was hectic. Unfourtunately he didn’t have the best waxed skis so in the last slope down to the stadium, the followers came up to him again and since we all know Anders is not the best spurter in the world – he needs to be in the lead with a lot of meters to the followers to win – this led to four people got in the goal before him so he ended up in fifth place…

    Anyway, the reason I write this is because i think it is so scary how emotionally affected I’ve become from watching sports! Since the race earlier today I’ve been so down and I don’t want to do anything at all. It’s like if I didn’t care if someone shot me. Why is that? Well. I have been following Anders diary all season, and I also love cross country skiing so much! But still! I have so much to do (school, jobs, own projects etc)

    There is only one cure to my depression – I need to see Södergren with a olympic medal soon!

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