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  • doktor kosmos

    5 april 2006

    Sometimes when I need a break from grime, techno and other ”new music”, I often turn my ears back to sweden and to rock. Most of the times to Doktor Kosmos, one of my favourite bands. This morning while eating porridge I got bored of Ring P1 (”poor youth of today, we have to take care of them…”), so I put on the latest album by Doktor Kosmos called Ett enkelt svar (a simple answer). It took maybe 20 seconds through the first song, until I started to cry. I cried because it was so good, I cried because it makes me happy and sad at the same time. Their music and lyrics are very simple, but still they get straight into to my heart. Doktor Kosmos is fun and really serious which is what I think is a killer combination. The only problem with Doktor Kosmos is that they sing in swedish so most of you wouldn’t understand. Well, they did one album in english but it’s far from their best.

    Thank you Mia for introducing them to me, back in the days!

    Doktor Kosmos’ homepage

    4 kommentarer

    1. awww but i always really liked ”Don’t Look at Photographs” :)

      /Molly 2006-04-05, 11:07

    2. Hi, thanks for the link… what’s up with the ”new music” reference?

      /Haldan 2006-04-14, 19:19

    3. haldan: well, first, your blog spans over more than one music style, and second, it’s new music, right? the quotations, well, i don’t know…

      /oskar 2006-04-18, 19:04

    4. […] kosmos oskarlin Blog Archive doktor kosmosso I put on the latest album by Doktor Kosmos called Ett enkelt svar (a simple answer) … Doktor […]

      /doktor kosmos 2010-03-04, 20:59

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