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  • Me + Malmö = love

    14 maj 2006

    After a week in Mariestad with school (it was awesome!) I decided to go down to Malmö. I mean, I was already half the way there so what the heck! Also, my two friends Hanna and Ellen from nyc were going to be here too.

    I have been to Malmö a few times before but I never really reflected over it’s greatness before. Probably because all the times I was just passing by. Malmö was just a short stop. You could argue that it’s the same case now but for some reason I’m walking around with a different pair of glasses on this time – and what I see is pure love.

    For me Malmö is the perfect combination between Sweden (with it’s high standard) and the rest of the world (chaos). New and old architecture stand side by side in a creates the symbiosis I always wanted to see in Stockholm but never did. Since it’s not build on islands like Stockholm, there is no direct line between suburb and city which makes it a lot more interesting to experience. Thanks to that the city part hasn’t become extremely isolated from ther rest like it has been in Stockholm. With a lot more room for ”city” (Malmö is much smaller than Stockholm but I’m talking in relative terms here) it seems like it’s a lot easier to start up small businesses everywhere.

    In Stockholm it seems like it’s only 7 eleven and the other supermarket chains that can afford being situated in the city, whilst in Malmö, there are only private small minimarket everywhere! It’s so much nicer! I mean every cornershop is a new cornershop. That’s what a city should be like. Also I have experienced illegal night clubs which you would almost never bump into in Stockholm. Here, they grow on trees! Speaking of night clubs, all the bars seem to have a different set of rules to follow in this city. I hadly see any bouncers and you are always allowed to drink alcohol in the outside seating until closing time, in Stockholm you can only drink outside untill 11PM.

    Well, the list could go on, and still I’ve only been here for two days!

    The downsides? Well, the city is a lot smaller than Stockholm and that is always a problem in my mind.

    Now it’s time for breakfast!

    1 kommentar

    1. hi! my name’s anita, and i’m a portuguese architecture student. i’m currently doing a work

      about the shore promenade in malmo, but i’m short on pictures! specially detailled

      pictures! could you perhaps help me? do you have pictures? i would be very much


      thank you by taking the time to read this!!

      Anita Vinagre

      /anita V 2008-02-13, 22:56

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