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  • Fixerad

    2 juli 2006

    Att som – Fixerad

    Att som 7" Svart på vit

    A few years ago I downloaded some swedish new wave from someone using Direct Connect. I dragged the music to iTunes and deleted the original files. I shouldn’t have done that. The songs had no contents in their ID-tags so all the song and band names disappeared! A tragedy because some of the songs were so extremely good. I tried to play the songs for my sister and brother and their friends who all were in to this kind of music when they were younger, but they couldn’t figure out any of the songs. Last year when I bought an LP by the bandsAtt Som and Unter den linden, one of the lost songs where on the record (which is a great album)! Well it was the same song but not the same version though. Now since I knew the band and song name, I began searching for information online and found out that the song also was put on a 7″ single by Att som, in 1981, called Svart på vit. Ok, enough of that. Let’s talk music instead.

    The song is a really dark new wave song. It’s got some heavy guitars and amazing synth carpets and sounds like if Joy Division could play faster (like they originally wanted but never managed too), but it has as always, a very unique swedish sound.

    2 kommentarer

    1. Thanks for that nice review!
      All the best!
      Svante (former att som)

      /Svante Clementson 2007-08-02, 17:03

    2. Unter Den Linden is perfect.

      /Bardhi 2009-05-09, 13:31

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