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  • Ögon

    10 juli 2006


    If someone played this song and I didn’t know about it, I would have thought it was a band on Sarah records (except that they sing in swedish), perhaps The Field Mice, but no, this song was released over six years before – in Sweden! Apart from the language, the only thing that differs it from Sarah is the huge saxophone in the end. Ögon is the b-side of the Flyktförsök 7″ that was released in 1983 on Mistlur which also released more famous bands as Lolita Pop and Ebba Grön. I found the 7″ at Micke’s for 10kr ($1) which i think is a freakin’ bargain!

    Also, the cover is beautiful! And the first cover printed in 3D style in sweden (you know, red and green glasses)

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