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  • Валдай

    29 augusti 2006

    Hello again, friends.

    It was Eriks birthday yesterday and on our way to this town , I told him Valday was going to be the most beautiful settlement without any run down stalinist architecture, only nice old dachas. He didn’t beleive me. He had completely lost his faith in finding anything clean or whole in Russia at all. He thought this town would be full of speed and crack heads and that there would be dragons guarding, letting no one out of the town. When we arrived to the station, the train was all surrounded by freight trains of all sorts and it looked awful. I thought, ”fuck, he was right”, but when we entered the station building we noticed something weird – it wasn’t run down!

    We are in paradise, also known as Valday. Well atleast it feels like it. After a few days in the russian trash towns and villages of Чудово (Chudovo), Новгород (Novgorod), Старая Русса (Staraya Russa) and Взвад (Vsvad) we found our way up from the thrashy flats of the west to the beautiful hills in the east. (Ok, Novgorod wasn’t all trash, and in Staraya Russa it was just raining)

    We stayed in an amazing hotel yesterday and today we have been swimming in the lake – the first we’ve seen so far without rusty pipes, broken glass, concrete thrash and other lovely trashed items in. We also saw fish! And the babushkas of this town sells Chantrells on the street, instead of potatoes!

    Time to go. Tomorrow: Moscow!

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