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  • i love tant strul

    13 december 2006

    Hi, I might have told you this before, but, dudes, I LOVE Tant Strul! I just can’t get enough of this band! OK, I am a bit drunk, but I love them even when I’m sober, I promise!

    Let me tell you about today!

    Woke up. Ate porrige. Took the bus to my office. Did some paperwork. Bought wine for Aron. Photographed D&J. Took cab to the goat. Went home to leave my computer. Took tube to Fruängen. Drank lots of wine. Talked to my sister for ten minutes about crosscountry skiing on the phone. Drank some more wine. Went to Aron’s. Dissed some dudes. Rode the subway home.

    I miss girls, but I am OK.

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