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  • 2 x Jamie against junk food

    22 januari 2007

    Everyone knows about the Jamie with last name Oliver and his latest mission to change the eating habits of the kids in the UK. He has forced schools to change their meals etc.

    Now it’s time for another Jamie to step forward and discuss the junk food probem. This Jamie, aka JME, is one of my favourite MCs and producers in the UK right now. On his myspace page he has published a song called Eat Junk.

    JMEEat Junk

    It seems like nobody cares,
    how everybody will be in five years.

    Everybody, please listen to me and look after your body,
    If not, you might end up with a dead body.

    Cause all you wanna do is eat junk, smoke skunk, get drunk
    all you ever do is eat junk, smoke skunk, get drunk

    Take away the junk food, it’s bad for your heart,
    I don’t care if you’re skinny from the start,
    Them fries will leave you supersized,
    Junk food looks good to the eyes,
    But they don’t look good on the thighs,
    If your tummy is in funny mood,
    Go home and have som mommy’s food,
    That way, you know what you’re eating,
    Unless mom works in Burger King.

    Big up JME!

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    1. testing

      /oskar 2007-05-06, 21:32

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