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  • Amsterdam

    15 februari 2007

    Hi, right now I’m on a weird trip to Amsterdam. I am here as a photographer for Rodeo together with other hip journalists from around the nordic countries. Two more magazines from Sweden and then one from Norway, Finland and Denmark.

    The whole trip is like a hip version of the travels retired people go on. Everything is already planned, you just sit in the tour bus and listen to the guide. Then you stop at some restaurant and eat the food and drink the drinks etc. It’s so crazy.

    Oh I almost forgot: This morning when I got to Arlanda airport I realised I had forgotten my passport, so I had to go to the Police to get a temporary Visa but the computers at the police was broken down so they told me to travel with just a plain ID card and it worked!!

    When we arrived we were taken by couch to a new cool area which used to be a big gas factory, and since the ground is so polluted they had to cover it all in plastic and add another meter of clean dirt so that you could hang out there. Also all the houses bottom floor had to be filled with a thick layer of concrete! We had a splendid lunch at the restaurant there and then we went on a guided tour of the newer parts of Amsterdam that are built on fake islands. Amazing architecture. After too many years in boring Stockholm, suddenly architecture seem relevant and interesting again. The last few years I thought architecture was something evil and the only solution was good city planning. But hey, these areas have both interesting planning and architecture.

    Next stop was the hotel room where I am now. We all got seperate rooms and my room is taller than wide. It’s like a cube. Huge bed. TV, couch, bathroom. Everything is very fresh and trendy. Trendy trendy trendy.

    I’m supposed to capture the lifestyle here in pictures, but I only see architecture everywhere, which probably clashes a little bit with what Farnaz wants to write about. Atleast that’s what I think since she slept during the whole guided architecture tour. Oh well.

    talk you you later dudes

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