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  • amsterdam #2

    16 februari 2007

    4:39 in the morning and it’s time for me to go to bed. We just called the lobby to see if breakfast was included – it wasn’t! In one way good, because then we could sleep more, but still, no breakfast?!

    Since last post I’ve been sleeping a lot. Too much actually, so I came 15 minutes too late to the meeting in the lobby. A huge bus took us all to a restaurant where we had 3 course dinner with wine and coffee. Now the finish girl had arrived, and apparently she’s dutch but lives in Finland. She also told us she just had this vomiting virus (vinterkräksjukan) yesterday, which means I might wake up throwing up tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

    After the dinner (tooooo long) we headed over to an empty club so we left and headed over to another place called Paradiso. Crowded but ugly music. A lot of students/young people which didn’t suit our mature tastes, so instead we headed to Sugar factory where the ”best dj in Amsterdam” was playing. And he was good! Minimal techno wearing a grime/hiphop baseball hat. Good combo!

    After sugar factory we rode the bikes with the ”mayor of nightclubs” to a bar which closed just 10 minutes after we got there. so we headed towards another club but that was closed so me, the norweigan dude and the danish girl took a cab home to the hotel and bought beer in the machine and had a tiny after party in my hotel room. yeah.

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