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  • Horizon project

    1 maj 2007

    This is an ongoing project that started as one of my final projects at LCP/LCC in London 2004. It all began the summer of 2002 maybe, when I was hiking in the mountains with two friends and I took a photograph of a mountain and accidently excluded the horizon in the picture. All one could see was a mountain, but since there were no horizon it was really hard to read the picture. How far away is it? Is it taken from above? etc. were some of the questions that came up.

    Then a year or so later I decided I wanted to continue explore that phenomena of nonexisting horizons. I first started out by downloading landscape photos from the internet and started cropping out the horizon and then compared them to the original and looked what happened. Then I made some other experiments (examples below).

    Then it was time for some action. I borrowed my friends camera (I didn’t have an SLR at the time) and took the train up to Snowdonia in Wales. There I managed to take some ok photos. Then a few weeks later I went to Sweden where I took some more photos. My only 2 rules when taking the pictures were: 1. the horizon has to be excluded, 2. I should try to take the photo completely horisontal (not from above or from below, just straight on!).

    Eventually these photos ended up in a book and installation for my degree show.

    Here are (some of) the photos from that time

    And these are ”new” (since 2004) photos

    8 kommentarer

    1. I love it.

      /Martin 2007-05-01, 21:43

    2. It’s true the ones with the blacked-out horizons freak me out.
      Good work!!!

      /johan 2007-05-02, 09:11

    3. Yupp, I like it too. Super… I remember asking you about those pictures when I got the reel after the Sarek-hike with Chelsea and Ebba. Now I get it. Talk to you soon.

      If you aren’t already you should start rss-in my http://www.boutani.blogspot.com so


      ps. Chelsea is comming to Denmark for my graduation on the 15th of June and then we head up to Sthlm. Will you be around?

      /Werner 2007-05-04, 11:24

    4. Werner melon, yes i will be around, but you know chss is on the 9th…

      /oskar 2007-05-04, 17:31

    5. Nice pictures. you should look at Frederick Sommer’s photos of Arizona from the 1940s. similar idea….

      /Dean 2007-05-08, 05:32

    6. wonderful–these are wonderful

      /lotusgreen 2007-05-16, 21:10

    7. hello again
      i’ve posted your Never Ending Drawing over at http://www.coudal.com/

      /moon 2007-05-16, 21:50

    8. […] projet Horizon est une démarche absolument terrifiante. L’auteur nous explique qu’il a eu […]

      /Horizons effacés at Lost in Anywhere, Manufacture d’ambiances 2007-10-05, 07:42

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