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  • Moving house!

    4 juli 2008


    I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t updated this site for a while. My only excuse is time. There is not enough time!

    Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is this: yesterday I moved. From 30m² apartment to a tiny 21m² one on Rutger Fuchsgatan 7B near Skanstull! Right now the whole room is full with boxes but hopefully I’ll find a place for it all.

    In other news, I’ll be working at the Deparment for Human Geography at Stockholm University from mid august to january.

    Also, I will be a hutkeeper up in the swedish mountains for two weeks by the end of aug to early september in Gåsenstugorna. This is going to be so much fun!! Just hanging around a hut in the mountains!

    22 kommentarer

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