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  • About me (around 2008)

    This is oskarlin.com, the portal of all thoughts, projects, ideas, blog posts etc by me Oskar Karlin. I am right now studying Until recently I studied Human Geography at Stockholm University in Sweden. Before that I studied graphic design in Stockholm and London. Right now I am doing a lot of things. I am, what we say in Sweden an all service. I’m a photographer, graphic designer, map designer, web designer, blogger etc.

    Selected clients

    Sveriges Television, Dagens Nyheter, Rodeo Magazine, Norstedts kartor, KTH, Brasserie Elverket, Port Capital, Eskils Junker Film, Skridskonätet, Made by Noemi, London College of Communication

    My websites/projects/etc

    Centrum OK

    Other interests

    I also have four main interests: Maps, Urban planning, Internet and of course Music.

    I try to tag all my posts as much as possible so it’ll be easy to hang out here. I have also divided the site into three categories: blog, diary and projects. I guess all understands the difference, but ok here we go: Blog is mainly the posts people normally would call blog. It might be thoughts about something or just a something i like want people to see. Diary is just what’s been going on in my life. Projects are posts showing work I’ve done. It can be everything from a poster to an essay. Apart from those categories i have also divided up the site in language, Swedish and English. Sometimes when I am lazy or it’s something very local, I write in Swedish. But most of the time I post in English.

    You can also subscribe to my site using RSS.
    Full site, only Blog, Diary, Projects, Photoday or my MP3s. If you want you can subscribe to any of my tags. Just click on the ”+” link next to a tag and then click on the RSS icon. Easy!

    The site is based on WordPress and the plugins Ultimate Tag Warrior, RunPHP, Custom Field GUI, Spam Karma 2 and the_excerpt Reloaded.

    I also recommend you to use a good browser such as Firefox or Safari.


    oskar + [at] + thatswe.com