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    19 januari 2006

    A few months ago an acquaintance of mine called me and asked if I would like to join him and another dude to start a club night at the bar Marie Laveau. The acquaintance was Sebastian and the other dude was Emil, which I didn’t know before. They two had run a club together before called Smet, which is what comes up if you try to write ”soft” on T9 on mobile phones with swedish dictionary. We decided to keep the name and I became head of all the visual stuff, such as website and posters, etc, while the other two will DJ.

    Yesterday I was finished with the posters for the first night (below). The logo are made like four simplyfied buttons which is related to the name and also mobile phones. Later on I might do a ”lollipop” and change some of the letters to the number used to write that letter.

    The main concept of the poster is that we would like to have an audience that are more into the music than into the whole lifestyle of clubbing. I mean people who maybe have other interests than just trying to be trendy but still a genuine interest for music. Therefore we decided to do posters that were just big portraits of people in nerdy situations/doing hobbies etc instead of some cool graphix or whatever all posters look like today. The photos will also follow the season so for each month we will (hopefully) move towards spring, it will be visible in the posters. With the first two posters we didn’t have time to arrange any shoots so we had to go with photos I already had taken. The first one shows my friend Karl playing with a detonation device in the snow (he likes exploding stuff), and the second is me putting on my ice skates last weekend while ice skating with my dad.


    3 kommentarer

    1. great concept, love it

      /alex bkbk 2006-01-19, 01:08

    2. […] Today we released smetklubben.se – the website for the clubnight i was talking about earlier. (As usual) it’s based on WordPress and it looks something like this: […]

      /oskarlin » Blog Archive » smetklubben.se 2006-01-23, 16:46

    3. […] This month’s SMET posters are still following the theme of the last ones but they also connects to this month’s music theme – drums! Therefore I chose ping pong not only because it feels like drumming when playing, but also because there are a lot of songs sampling ping pong. […]

      /oskarlin » Blog Archive » SMET #2 2006-02-17, 16:57

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